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If you believe a positive attitude is all you need to improve your life, why isn't your life changing in the way you want it to change?

Awareness alone is not enough to make a difference in your world.

  •  There is more to your DNA than just a physical code
    • DNA has a spiritual and emotional aspect
    • DNA has a direct effect on the matter that makes up our world
    • Emotions have a direct effect on DNA. Positive emotions promote health and wellbeing, negative emotions deterioration
    • The experiences and memories of our ancestors are handed down through the DNA and direct our world today
  •  Revolutionary techniques in DNA programming
    • You do not have to be a prisoner of your genetic heritage. We all have a perfect blueprint for wellness and abundance
    • You can change the stories written in your genes

Margaret Ruby provides the missing link
to DNA reprogramming

Margaret Ruby
a pioneer and educator in the field of healing
and the founder of PossibilitiesDNA

helps you discover
that you are not a prisoner of genetic heritage

She has developed a system to
isolate and reverse inherited ancestral patterns

Margaret Ruby has helped people around the world
discover and neutralize inherited unconscious programming

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